Front and back labels created for Torido Salsa.

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Athletic Footwear
Banner graphics created in collaboration with Deft Union; a complete design overhaul of Athletic Footwear's 3000 sq ft store, Sawgrass Mills, Florida.
Etsy Shop
Menu books designed & illustrated, in collaboration with Boxelder Craft Beer Market, Wynwood, Miami Florida. Printed by Wynwood Letterpress.
IN.SEK Design
Designed brand book, postcards, infographics and sale menu for the Collective Design Fair 2015. Collaborated in product development, production and...
Sofia Ramsay - Branding
Branding for jewelry designer Sofia Ramsay.
Fashion Blog #thatsvogus
Fashion Blog created at Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design, the first project in the the Vogue Fashion Certificate...
Jamie Corley - Web Design
Web design (desktop and mobile) for artist, Jamie Corley.
Superfine Book
Book of patterns and type created for Mullen's in-house design group, Superfine.
Burton Snowboards
Graphics purchased by Burton released July 2012
True Blue | Jet Blue
Icons created while at Mullen Advertising. (Email Image, and Website)
Front and back labels created for Torido Salsa.
Foxwoods brand explorations
Cinco de Mayo
Poster created for interoffice party at Mullen Advertising, Boston.
Original typeface inspired by ballet positions and movements, displayed in ballerina announcement.
Bodega Bites
Jesse James Font and Barbie Doll
Lindsay Grau's business cards
Business card design with handmade type and peacock feather illustration.
erosion zine
A Brief History of Civilization